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"Man, what a bang we got for our buck!"  - Review from

"John respected my level of knowledge in some areas of building construction, and total lack of knowledge in other areas, and never talked down to me. He communicated in a way that was informative and incredibly knowledgeable, just exactly what I was looking for." - Review from Ann

Tammy on Yelp:
[John] has done two house inspections for me. He is professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. I've accompanied him while he does the inspection and he shares lots of little details that are helpful if (like me) you’re not real familiar with house construction and maintenance. His reports have been thorough and delivered in a timely manner too. Excellent work and that's why I've used his services twice now.

Hillary from Angie's List: 
I really cannot say enough about John.  My husband and I could not be happier with the service we received from him.  John came out to the house that we are looking to buy and went over every single detail with us regarding the condition and specs of the house.  John was a complete professional from the beginning to the end and was completely thorough in his inspection and report!  He spent so much extra time with us explaining every detail and offered to help us with anything we could ever need with the house going forward.  We didn't just get an inspection; we got a lifelong contact for all things related to construction. The house we are buying is only 5 years old so we were sort of thinking that having to pay for an inspection was a bit of a waste of money but we could not have been more wrong!  John had my husband follow him through his entire inspection and explained every detail about every system of the house as he went along.  There is not one part of the house that my husband hasn't seen or doesn't know how to operate now.  That alone was well worth the price.  Even if you already bought your home it is worth having John come out just so you can learn everything there is to know about the house.  He is like a walking instruction manual and then his report is an actual manual that you can refer back to at any point. John was not only the best but was completely reasonably priced.  He was actually less than some other inspectors I saw.

Anonymous from 
Very professional, friendly, and thorough. I received a great comprehensive inspection overview as well as highlighted recommendations for immediate repair. He is very available to his clients and encourages them to stay in contact should they need any future advice or recommendations. Highly recommend!

David on our Facebook page: 
I'm confident recommending John to my clients. He looks at the details and tells it like it is and that's what my buyers need. Thanks John!

Susan from Angie's List:
John Marshall did a great job. He allowed me to accompany him throughout the house as he did the home inspection. His explanations were clear and easy to follow. His written inspection was thorough and included many excellent pictures. I use it as a reference even now three months after having purchased the property.

Anonymous from 
John was awesome! He is very thorough and will let you know everything that is going on with the property so that there will be no surprises when you move in. He gives clear recommendations on areas that may need to be addressed sooner or later. John is very professional and I would recommend him in the future.

Ann from Angie's List
I called North Bay on a recommendation from a friend who owns a number of pieces of real estate. I needed an inspection on very short notice, and in a hurry, as this was a short sale purchase that had just been approved and had a 30 day timeline to complete. The bank gave me 30 days, which included 3 holidays, so the timeline couldn’t have been more insane. I called North Bay and they came the day I requested and the time I requested when I had all the other inspectors there. John Marshall called me that morning to confirm the place and time, and arrived promptly. I followed him during a portion of the inspection including up onto the roof asking questions and discussing what we were seeing. As I had other inspectors there at the time, I moved on to other inspectors and questions throughout the property. When he was finished, John tracked me down on the back acreage and walked me through all of his findings. He not only pointed out the issues and described solutions, he drew diagrams and estimated costs all of which proved to be absolutely accurate. (To the dollar on the electrical work!). While doing these things he walked around the home and indicated the exact things he was talking about answering all my questions.  John respected my level of knowledge in some areas of building construction, and total lack of knowledge in other areas, and never talked down to me. He communicated in a way that was informative and incredibly knowledgeable, just exactly what I was looking for. I'm very much a DIY'er and he gave me all sorts of great suggestions on how to cheaply and effectively resolve issues like drainage and earthquake retrofit. At the end he summarized his findings and was the first report I had in my email box less than 24 hours afterward. I could not have asked for anything more!

Anonymous from  
Very complete and detailed inspection. We're not anticipating any surprises. 

Sara from Angie's List: 
John Marshall performed a very thorough home inspection on an investment property for me. He was punctual, professional, and polite. He walked through the property, pointing out all the necessary items and offering helpful tips and guidance on how to deal with problems. He answered all of my questions during the inspection and has already responded promptly to a follow-up question. The report was emailed to me within 24 hours of the inspection.

Anonymous from 
John was excellent. His inspection was very thorough and accurate. 

Nicholas on Angie's List: 
A full residential home inspection was performed on a 1050 sq. ft. home built in 1940.  All (accessible) areas of the home, interior, and exterior, were thoroughly inspected.  The inspection lasted approximately 2.5 hours and I received a detailed 50+ page report with pictures less than 48 hours of its conclusion. The report reiterated points that were verbally made during the inspection and included an in depth discussion of all of the homes systems, their condition, and where they were at in their lifespan. An appointment was easily scheduled on just a couple of days’ notice. John arrived early and was very friendly, yet professional throughout the inspection. His breadth and depth of experience was obvious and he clearly explained any issues that he saw as we went along through the inspection. Any questions I had were answered and John also gave me any background information that might be pertinent to a certain situation. The inspection report included pictures of the overall condition of the house as well as any 'trouble spots' that John found. There were some minor typing errors in the report, but it did not detract from the content. The report was well organized with immediate recommendations at the beginning before addressing the homes individual areas and systems. The price was relatively high when compared with other inspector's rates for a home of this size. However, in the spirit of "you get what you pay for", I believe I received a top rate inspection. Additionally, John encouraged me to contact him with any questions I might have in the future. Overall, I was provided with a high quality service and product and will look to John for any future home inspections I may need.

David from Angie's List: 
Mr. Marshall was extremely professional and highly competent. The inspection was careful and detailed, the write-up was thorough, and he added a lot of extra detail on how we might fix the problems that were found. I would use them again in a second and I recommend them very highly.

John from Angie's List:
He performed a complete home inspection for a home we are purchasing. This included evaluating the external condition of the house, as well as the inside and also underneath the floors and in the attic. He checked electrical outlets and appliances, plumbing including fixtures, and water pressure. We then received a very complete report in the next day or so. John was there ahead of time! When we arrived to meet him he was already walking around checking things out. He was very friendly and took time to explain everything that he was checking and why. He also gave us an ongoing commentary of helpful hints about what would soon need attention and how to maintain almost every aspect of the house. All of this commentary also appeared later in his written report. We walked around the exterior first and he made many detailed observations as he let us follow him around. He poked around and opened up electrical subpanels, carefully examined the siding and windows, exterior doors and frames, etc. We went up on the roof and he again made many detailed observations and made suggestions on how to keep the roof in good shape. We then went inside and he ran all the appliances, including the heater, which he opened up and pointed out some repairs that would be upcoming. He also made lots of suggestions on how to maintain things and patiently answered every question. Then John climbed into the attic with his flashlight, camera, and clipboard. We didn't follow him in there but watched while he checked around up there. Then he located the under floor access points and climbed into the crawlspace under the house as well. There is a detached 2 car garage that was converted into a studio that wasn't part of the job, but John took a look in there anyway and made some great observations and suggestions. I felt as though I knew so much more about my new home thanks to this very educational and pleasant experience. When he emailed me the report, it was complete with the photos he took. It included all the little suggestions he made during the inspection and more. For example, he had a 4 or 5 step procedure for draining the sediments out of the water heater as a part of regular maintenance. We didn't even talk about that during the visit - cool! He also supplied me with a list of contractors that he recommended to work on our floors, heating and cooling, roofing, plumbing, etc. etc. He also gave us a construction cost guide - what we might expect to pay for painting, roofing, foundation work, etc. Very helpful! Because of his high integrity, I feel comfortable using the people on his recommendation list and the cost guide is very informative. I feel very confident that I know what I am getting into as I buy this house, both in the short term (things that need immediate attention), and the long term (things to do before the next winter, yearly maintenance, issues to expect in the next 5 years, etc.). Man, what a bang we got for our buck!

Robert from Angie's List: 
John was very thorough in the inspection and provided a lot of information. He answered all our questions and was very professional. The final written report was very detailed and helpful. A great job!

Joan from Angie's List: 
John met with me and my realtor at the home I planned to purchase and performed a thorough inspection of the property. Within 48 hours, he followed up with a comprehensive written report that included photographs & prioritized recommendations suggesting repairs, modifications, and improvements. This is my first home purchase and I really didn't know what to expect. John was punctual, courteous, and he immediately put me at ease. He invited me to join him for the duration of the inspection so that he could explain every aspect of his findings. He explained that his inspection report would focus on conditions that were less than ideal, pointing out everything that would need to be immediately addressed, could become troublesome in the near future, or was no longer up to current code. Additionally, his report would identify any specific areas where it would be wise to have a specialist (plumbing, roofing, etc.) investigate further. However, through the course of the inspection John also advised me about what was right about the property. He directed my attention to improvements that were recent and done well, and explained in detail why they worked. He explained the construction techniques used throughout the home, told me how various features of the home could be easily maintained, and made recommendations for small (and inexpensive!) improvements that would increase the life and health of the current buildings. Big Plus - John was the inspector the last time the house changed owners, so he was familiar with the property and told me about improvements that had been made since he was last there. (How he remembered details about a property he last saw 8 years ago, I don't know, but that, I'm sure, is the mark of a professional who is good at what he does.) His enjoyment and enthusiasm as we moved through the property soon had me relaxed, engaged and deeply interested in everything he had to say. It was a fascinating and informative experience. John also stated during the inspection and in his report that he is happy to answer questions regarding the property at a later date and often communicates with former clients when questions or issues arise concerning their homes. I would be very comfortable contacting him in the future. As a result of John's inspection, I'm confident about my purchase and I feel I have a realistic understanding of what repairs and improvements I'll want to make immediately and what I should be thinking about for a later time. I definitely recommend John's services. I continue to think about his recommendations and plan to implement all his suggested improvements. I know about my house, its construction and materials, and will be able to anticipate many of its future needs with confidence. The inspection process was a pleasure start to finish. 

Marybeth from Angie's List: 
"... was professional, and an excellent communicator who didn't mind my many questions. I have a home that was between renters and I wanted to see what needed to be done; specifically I was concerned about termites and the chimney. John examined every nook and cranny of the house to see what needed to be done and prioritized the jobs. Going under the house is a challenge as it has a tiny crawl space, but he didn't flinch. He even gave me tips about inexpensive, do-it-yourself fixes for some of the problems. He delivered a 50 page report that was especially helpful. John said to call him anytime for backup information if needed. This was money well spent. Overall, this was an excellent service and I have recommended John Marshall to friends for similar inspections.

Angelica from Angie's List: 
North Bay Inspection was absolutely wonderful. Inspected the interior, exterior, roof, attic, surrounding property. Able to tell you very detailed specifics about your home, the type of structural materials, foundations, electrical, and any other specifics you throw at him, he is able to explain in a very precise and clear manner. He is a true trained professional! North Bay Inspection was absolutely wonderful. We were able to get an appt. within a few days from the original call. We are first time home buyers, even though the house was built in 2004, it was a foreclosure and the prior owners stripped the home, we wanted to make sure there was not any serious damage as a result of the prior owners anger. We hired John because of his many years of experience. He was very forgiving, the Realtor for the bank assured us the water and power would be turned on by our appt., and it was not. John did not charge us, even though he had already showed up for the appt. and had started. We rescheduled and he was great about the whole situation. Upon his inspection, he explained everything to us as we went through the house with us, answered all our questions. He was very very thorough!!! The home inspection took approx. 3 hours. He took many pictures and gives you pictures and a very detailed multiple page assessment of his inspection. He told us about the right away things to do, things to eventually do, and what to look out for, how the job should be done, drew pictures when we did not quite understand. He was so patient with us and really wanted us to get the most out of this experience. Anyone in the Napa, Vallejo, Marin or Fairfield areas should definitely use his services! 

Catherine from Angie's List: 
"A 1910 Craftsman home we were considering purchasing. He inspected both the exterior (including the roof, chimney, garage, and porches) and interior (including the attic and basement) of the house. We chose John because of his experience with older homes (in this case, a 1910 Craftsman). We found John to be quite knowledgeable, very professional, extremely thorough, and unbelievably patient. He showed up right on time and spent the next 3.5 hours inspecting every nook and cranny in the house. John allowed my husband and I to follow him around during the entire inspection (we are first time home buyers and wanted to learn as much as possible about the house). John not only explained everything he was doing, but patiently answered any and all questions we threw at him. (The education we received during the inspection was a bonus I hadn't anticipated). John's 50 page inspection report (with photos) was provided to us the very next business day (a Monday). He told us to call him if we had any questions about the report and, when we did, we once again found him to be patient and thorough in his responses. If we hadn't decided to purchase the home, we would hire him again in a minute.