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About the Home Inspection Report

Our reports are narrative in style, easy to read, and easier to understand. They provide valuable information that will not only assist with decision making but also a reference source for years to come. Our primary concern is our client's safety and protection. We report on every major system in the home from top to bottom, inside to outside. Our report meets and exceeds the highest standards in the industry by closely adhering to the American Society of Home Inspectors Association (A.S.H.I.) Standards of Practice. We are obligated to inform the client in the professional opinion of the inspector, any significant deficient system or component. The report will provide our clients with basic and detailed information on such diverse items as rafter size and gas shut off location to foundation type. We take pride in having the ability to explain even highly complex findings to non construction-minded people.

Our home inspections include:


• Siding
• Trim
• Windows
• Doors
• Decks
• Porches
• Railings

• Stairs
• Eaves
• Soffits
• Drainage
• Driveways
• Walkways
• Sidewalks

• Patios
• Fences
• Gates
• Retaining walls




• Main valve
• Supply piping
• Waste piping
• Hose faucets
• Water pressure
• Flow
• Traps
• Fixtures
• Gas meter
• Gas piping

• Concrete condition
• Soils
• Floor framing
• Sub-floor
• Anchor bolting
• Shear bracing
• Ventilation
• Sumps

• Roofing materials
• Chimney
• Flashing
• Gutters
• Rain caps
• Spark screens
• Down spouts
• Vents




• Countertops
• Cabinets
• Sinks
• Faucets
• Dishwashers
• Drains
• Outlets
• Exhaust fans
• Ovens
• Range tops
• Floors

• Showers
• Tubs
• Toilets
• Sinks
• Cabinets
• Windows
• Fans
• Countertops
• Floors

• Walls
• Ceilings
• Floors
• Stairs
• Windows
• Doors
• Glass
• Fireplaces
• Dampers




• Furnaces
• Boilers
• Ducting
• Piping
• Combustion air
• Venting
• Registers
• Blowers
• Radiators

• Service wiring
• Main panels
• Subpanels
• Wiring
• Outlets
• Switches
• Light fixtures

• Vehicle doors
• Openers
• Door springs
• Fire walls
• Fire doors
• Framing




• Plumbing
• Dryer venting
• Outlets
• Sinks

• Seismic straps
• TPR valves
• Venting
• Combustion air

• Attics
• Framing
• Ventilation
• Insulation

Take Note

A home inspection is not a guarantee or warranty that no defects exist. Areas to be inspected must be readily accessible and free of personal property and debris. We will not inspect areas deemed to be hazardous or if the inspector believes damage may occur from the inspection. Your inspector will not do destructive testing nor will he disassemble systems' components. Your inspector cannot speculate what he thinks he might find. He must be able to actually observe the condition at the time of the inspection. Other exclusions are clearly stated in our contract and the American Society of Home Inspection Standards of Practice.

A home inspection is generalized in scope; it is not a substitute for specialized in-depth analysis of a specific trade, component, or system. Your home inspector may (and probably does) have specialized training, education, and experience in a number of construction related fields. State, Federal, and recognized professional trade organizations prohibit the home inspector from acting, for example, as a termite inspector. This is not to say that he cannot report his observations. For example, he could write, "observed insect related damage" and that he "recommends further investigation by a licensed pest reporting company". The same is true for structural issues and observations. Your inspector may observe and report on faulty structural conditions but he should not be acting as a licensed Civil Engineer unless of course he happens to be one.