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Common Questions

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How much do you charge? For a home inspection our price is based on the size, location, age, and type of construction. For commercial inspections, the price is based on the size and type of the building. We usually need to ask a few questions before quoting a price. Feel free to give us a call at 707.649.8700 or email us and we can quickly give you an accurate estimate.

How much time does a home inspection take? On average, we spend between two and four hours on-site. Once we complete our on-site inspection, we spend a significant amount of time writing the report. Large properties, multi-family units, apartment buildings, and commercial properties can take much longer depending on their size and condition. How and when will I receive the home inspection report? We generally need one full business day to complete the report. We will email the report as a PDF attachment as soon as it is completed.
Why don’t you provide your inspection reports on-site? It takes us a long time to type up our reports. We don’t produce generic check-box reports with three ring binders. We actually sit down at the computer and take the time to write out our reports in plain English. We’ll often spend more time writing the report than we do inspecting the house. We provide a lot of detail in our reports, and we try to write them for you the same way we would for a friend or family member. After you read one of our inspection reports, we think you’ll understand why we don’t produce the reports on site.

What do you inspect at the house? For a buyer’s inspection, we inspect the major items that most buyers want to know about. For a full list, please visit our services page. However, what really sets us apart is our knowledge, experience, attention to detail, and quality inspection report.

Do you inspect commercial buildings? Yes! We offer inspections for all types of commercial properties. We do not inspect high-rise buildings.

Can I be there for the inspection? Definitely. We encourage our clients to attend at least the last hour of the inspection.

Can my building engineer, expert contractor, general know-it-all friend/family member come to the inspection?

Of course, but at the end of the inspection we will play a game of house-themed Jeopardy hosted by the buyer’s agent. Loser pays for the inspection. Just kidding. You are welcome to bring anyone you like. There may be points during the inspection (i.e. crawling under the house, standing on top the roof, standing in a small closet, etc.) where we will need to be alone due to safety and liability concerns.

Are you a licensed home inspector? Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a license for home inspectors in California. Anyone who obtains a valid business license can become a “home inspector.” It is for this reason consumers must be extra careful in choosing a home inspector they trust. Always look at sample reports, credentials, and testimonials before hiring a home inspector. Generally, your best home inspection option is not going to be the least expensive. Can you perform repairs on my home? There is no law in California preventing home inspectors with a valid contractors license (such as North Bay Inspection) from performing repairs on the homes they inspect. However, we do not perform repairs for clients because it presents a moral hazard and conflict of interest. That being said, we are happy to give you some pointers on how to choose a contractor and things to watch out for. Hint: Once again, your best value is not the least expensive.

I’m getting an FHA loan. Can you do the FHA inspection? FHA loans require FHA appraisal inspections, which are often confused with home inspections. FHA appraisal inspections are very limited in scope and do not provide the buyer with adequate information about the condition of the home. That being said, we are happy to inspect your FHA financed home, but we do not perform FHA appraisal inspections. - Click here to see a FHA checklist - Click here to see what we inspect

Should I hire additional inspectors? We recommend waiting to hire additional inspectors until a home inspection is performed. In some cases, a home inspection can actually save you the cost of additional inspectors. For example: If the roof is in poor shape and needs replacing soon, we will tell you to get estimates on a roof replacement and not to waste your time and money on a roof inspection. Inexperienced home inspectors will often fill their reports with unnecessary recommendations for additional experts in an attempt to limit their own liability. Home inspectors cannot be experts in every field, but experienced home inspectors are able to recommend when experts are actually needed, saving time and money.

Will you get on the roof? Yes, as long as we can do so safely and without damaging the roof, we will go on to the roof. Even if we cannot access the roof, we are usually able to inspect it by placing the ladder in several spots around the home and/or using binoculars from different viewpoints.

Will you crawl under the house? Yes, as long as we can do it safely. Examples of unsafe conditions are:

- Standing water. - Visible rodents, raccoons, possums, skunks, snakes, alligators, bears, tigers, or any other animal with the potential to injure an inspector. - Inadequate crawl space access.

Do you offer mold testing? We have moved away from offering mold inspections because in many cases it offers very little value to the client. Mold tests do NOT say that a mold is harmful or if there is a harmful level of mold present. A small percentage of the population has a severe reaction to certain types of mold but most people have no reaction at all. At this time, there are no EPA guidelines for the presence and levels of mold.

What if mold is present? Remove the mold, but more importantly correct the condition that is creating the mold. For example, mold in a bathroom could be a sign of inadequate ventilation often corrected by installation of a fan vent.

Feel free to call or email us any additional questions you may have.